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Real people. Real results. Below are some of the transformations our members have experienced. You could be next!


“I was looking to improve my physique but needed a push to get serious about reaching my goals. Thank you Corado Fitness for giving me that push and coaching me on my journey to more defined abs and more confidence at the pool parties!”

- George


“Being a busy mom, it is always challenging to find time for myself. Staying committed and consistent was key to my success. Thank you Corado Fitness for motivating me to stay the course!”

- Jackie

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“I have struggled with finding the right balance between weight loss and muscle building. In seven months I dropped 18 lbs, 6% body fat and 5 inches off my waistline, while building more muscles! Thank you Corado Fitness! You rock!”


- Emiliano


“It is not just the weight loss and inches lost. It is what I have gained that is most important to me: Strength, confidence, and friends for life! That means more to me than numbers on a scale or a measuring tape!”


- Kim

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