At Corado Fitness, we have created an environment that inspires people to reach their true potential. Our interval based afterburn workouts use only the newest and most proven methods of interval based training to tighten, tone, firm, and basically melt fat.


Our group training sessions are fun, high energy, and challenging. We combine our high intensity workouts with good nutrition coaching to ensure that you are getting stronger, leaner, healthier and maybe those killer abs.


Our experienced personal trainers focus on building an environment where all members support and encourage each other. It is a community where members care for each other and become part of your extended family. We will encourage and create opportunities for you to participate in fitness training opportunities or just have fun outside the 4 walls of the gym. Your support group at Corado Fitness will hold you accountable, and challenge you so that you stay on track toward achieving the best you. When you surround yourself with others with similar goals, you will reach yours! It’s that simple.


So, come join our family where you can be who you want to be. All it takes is determination, good coaching, and a support network.


The Corado Experience