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Meet Joel ...

Joel Corado 
Founder / Coach

Joel came to the United States over 15 years ago with a dream to make a better life for himself and for his family. He quickly learned that a better life meant taking care of your total wellbeing; the physical you, the emotional you, and the financial you. And he learned that it was especially important to surround yourself with a strong support environment.

After transforming his own life and finding his passion – total fitness, he set out to help others achieve the same results. He launched Cardio Fitness in 2017 to create a fun environment where people will experience a high energy workout supported by a group of individuals –a family – who would encourage each other and hold each other accountable.

At Corado Fitness, the members call him El Diablo – the devil. This is because he is relentless in his effort to help them improve their fitness level and to reach their goals.  However, everybody knows that he is relentless because he cares so much. He wants all the members to be the best they can be. He doesn’t want anybody to be left behind, so he will go the extra mile for those with special needs. He has actually become a guardian angel for many.


The business has grown from a parking lot with a handful of members to a nice gym with hundreds of members. This growth has been possible because he has created a loving community where people are getting in the best shape of their life. Their workout time is the best part of their day – it’s the time they get to spend with their fit family.