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Joel, seeking to transform his life sought out fitness education and training Achieving great success fueled his desire to “ transform lives”. He is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Consultant and Certified by the National Academy of Sport Medicine.


I have a FOUR year background in athletics and training.  My Passion is personal training and it is equivalent to MY Drive to succeed. My strength I feel is my dedication to become the best. This goal keeps me eager to learn,AND ANXIOUS TO MAKE YOU BETTER. This goal like any other requires perseverance, which I should tell you, quitting is not an option.

Joss Ortega


Jason Hammond

I conduct tailor made exercise programs for each individual to suit their needs. Fitness is not just about looking good, but more importantly, improving health and quality of life.

I have been often asked what my expertise is in training, my answer, whatever it takes to correct your muscular imbalances, postural improvement, look better and feel better about yourself.